Friday, December 30, 2011

A Ladder Makeover and Such!

 This ladder Penny found at Goodwill for $5.99! She had a neat shabby one along with Brittany so she thought I could make this one over! I don't know if when Brittany met us she would know that when one has something the other has to have it. I get great ideas from this gal! Right now she is in the process of preparing all the flowers for a formal wedding tomorrow night. Is there anything this girl cant do? And now for the makeover:

 Doug said your kidding right? You are not going to hang it on the wall are you? And I said of course I am!

 Sorry to ruin the surprise Pen but these cute little stockings( I have yet to give you yours) is a Christmas gift from Brittany! I love mine! I wonder if I could hang something cute in it and keep up all year long in my room?

 I am having a hard time putting my music wreath away after Christmas. So I took out the middle decoration and added a flower with a silver crown broach.. Hoping to leave it out a little longer.
All the chocolate that is left after the holidays. Boy I am happy about this.. I am so over it!!!!
I got my shift covered today and spent the day with Londyn in my pajama's all day! I soooo
needed it! I have worked alot the last several months and feel like I am on a burn out.. This was just what I needed. We cleaned (she loves to use the toilet brush)go figure! We did alot of cleaning, sorting, we had lots of picnics and snacks, a little crafting, we took a chill pill we call it, which is a quiet time on the bed. We don't have to sleep but we have to rest and be quiet.
                                                               I have decided not to make a New Years Resolution because most of the time I forget what is was three weeks into the new year.. I do want to recognize my blessings each day but I do that anyways. I hope you all have a safe and happy New Year! Blessings Pam

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