Sunday, January 1, 2012

Do you remember those ding dong ditches?

You know the annoying ones that make you mad because you go there and no one is there? Well this was  so welcomed!!! Thanks Kate! We will see each other again I just know it.. I have made several of these to her door and now it was my turn.. This was my surprise:

 This almost makes  me want Christmas to be here again so I can use these vintage bulbs. (Love)!
 Several years ago on one of my visits to Kate's house I commented on these curtains, and guess what she remembered. I am off to put them up in my scraproom..
 Love these little white cloth napkins or hankerchiefs. Not sure which but I think they are napkins.. That is what I plan on using them for!
I must have a fettish for pillows! I must have a dozen or so on my spare bed.. This is the bed the girls slept in Christmas Eve.. It was so funny Jordan(my daughter) Londyn 2yrs old (my granddaughter)were fighting over which side they were going to have.. They kept going round and round until finally Londyn says"Fine I will sleep against the wall"!
                                           Well my last giveaway package came yesterday! Sad face! I know I was so spoiled.. This is what I picked out with my $50.00
 I loved this top, I had hoped I could get it in white but they were out.. So I am hoping it will look good for spring. Doug didn't like it said it looks like a grandma top! HELLO I am one! But I dont think it looks like one!

Not bad for free! Thanks Ruby Jeans for the win! Thanks Mikarose for the great gifts. I will be in touch!
Blessing and Happy New Year! Pam

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