Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Jan 30th Happy 3rd Birthday My Shugs~

 2yr photo's!
 Her mama has been gone for a few days and will be back on her birthday.. Which meant Gammy got to take a couple days off to spend with her. We did so much together and if we werent bonded enough before we sure are now. We crafted, cleaned, shopped, played, watched shows, told stories. So much fun... This girl chats 24/7 and just wants to be in the center of everything. She is so excited about her birthday party. Which is a week away on Super Bowl Sunday. Was that planned no not really just fell that way. Invitations are sent out and place reserved so that is just how it is..
 Caught her sneaking up to make her own toast..

Is she not the cutest with her first haircut.. We made muffins to take to a dinner party Saturday night. She loves to cook with me also!
 Last Saturday night her Aunt Kimmie gave her first haircut. While I was hesitant, Jordan reminded me that she was the mother and I said Oh yea! This was the picture she sent me. How could I not like it! She is all grown up now.( for my info Jan 22nd) date for first haircut.
Oh I wonder what the three of these girls did over the weekend.. Looking forward to having them back..
Blessings this Sunday evening..

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