Thursday, January 19, 2012

Don't Worry~

I saved this quote to read when needed. This week is a good reminder! My heart goes out to all the families struggling right now with tragedy and flooding. Today I had a senior couple who have been collecting things to give to my daughter for her first house. They wanted time to organize it and get it to me all at once. They came in today in a panic as their home was flooding and they needed to get it to higher ground.. They live right here in Albany. They have rentals in Corvallis and had to evacuate them at 1:00am also. As I tried Wed evening to go pick up my granddaughter Londyn from daycare I had a hard time getting to her. The first road I tried was flooded.. The second was flooding. The third I drove through. I started to panic thinking how am I going to get to her. I have found myself less productive this week and reminded at the same time how blessed I am with family and friends..  We all have family and friends effected by this. Tonight as I go to bed I pray for all! Blessings Pam

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