Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Winter Garage Sale~

So cold but so fun! Had fun with Penny, Heidi, Brittany and her mom! A January sale was fun it reminded me how much fun they are. I am ashamed to say most of my stuff is still in the trunk of my car... But oh how I will play this weekend... Here is a couple of things however!
 Love this shabby candle holder. I got two other candle sconces. One is pewter and one I am going to spray paint white. Two old baskets(love baskets), empty picture frame, a little ladder, a pretty white table cloth, old rusty mason jar with lid,

And this chair was FREE! Yes vinyl pink. I need to wash it and I am going to whitewash the wood this weekend. Maybe it will go in my room. My dad taught me well. Never turn down free! Best part is Penny got one too!

Another work in progress. Shabby mantle.(Love)! Need to find grate for logs, their sitting on old suitcases right now and need to move mantle yet. Another one of those what one twin has the other has to have! Off to bed.. Found myself asking is today Friday yet? Two more days.. Can't wait. Date to see Beauty and the Beast with Londyn this weekend. Blessings Pam

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