Saturday, January 28, 2012

A fun find and a Dyi project~

 A score at Corvallis goodwill yesterday! $5.99 scale. One of those things that sends a rush through me when I walk up to it.. Silly huh? It is metal and heavy.. So wierd that somethings  are so over priced and then sometimes you see something and think I wish things were always such a good price..

Remember the post the other day from that I said I wanted to try and make,
I think with practice mine will come to look like hers.. this one above is Lori's. The ones on the pillow is some I made.. Lots of fun! I am exhausted as today was so nice outside I started to decorate my porch for Valentine's Day, spray painted a chair that I am going to try and redo the fabric on.. And started cleaning another locker. I have alot more to do on it. It requires taking stickers off and more cleaning but that will have to wait.. I am just to tired.. Off to rest now. Enjoy your Saturday and Sunday.. Blessings Pam

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  1. Pam your roses look awesome!!! You did good girl!!
    Your scale was a great find :)


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