Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend full of projects~

I got back into my crafting this weekend and realized again how much joy it brings to me.. I have so many fun little tresures to play with. What is so fun is Londyn likes to craft as much as I do so it isn't that hard to get her to spend time in my craft room with me.. I finally came to terms that it is never going to be all cleaned up. It seems to be a catch all room. I am wanting to have a garage sale as soon as some dry weather comes. I did however get some stuff ready for Goodwill!

 I went to the book bin the other day on the hunt for vintage valentine stuff. Found one pictured above.
I got lost in the love stories between a Bob and a Ruth(i think). Anyways they were so cool. I had so many that I grabbed but then I saw these two books and I couldn't leave without them. They are from 1878.
I walked away and then grabbed them. Oh how I love them.
 This corner of my living room needed some light. So me being in control and wanting to do everything on my own dragged this piece down from upstairs.  I love this little corner now.
 Got this old pepsi box the other day from Brittany's stash.. Notice the tag on it. She was taking it to her booth and I said oh no your not! Works perfect for counter clutter.
 One of my favorite pieces now is this white cabinet I did on my own too!
 Okay notice my stacks heading out the door. So proud of self.. Some to Jordan, some to dad's shop stove,
some to Goodwill. It always feels so good to get things done. A two hour project yesterday sorting and filing old bills, statements, etc.

 My Diana has become a place to put my necklaces. I love her!
My banner I made last night crying to the chic flicks of A song to remember and the Notebook.. Hope to have good dreams tonight. Blessings to all. Pam
p.s. Heidi I have my groove back. Several posts in the last couple days!

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