Monday, December 5, 2011

A dog and a Win!!

Random post really but had two random things to share.. First my Mitzie dog.. She and Scruffs  just got groomed on Saturday.. She seems to think this is her rug.. I am constantly fluffing it as both dogs and cat like to maul at it.. Anyways I listed her on craigslist a few weeks ago as I just felt like she needed someone with more time. But when it got down to it I just couldn't do it.. She doesn't seem neglected or mistreated do you think?
Now onto some more excitement.. I entered another giveaway and to my surprise I won.. I came home today to find a nice email in my box. I cant believe it! I did buy lottery tickets the other day just to see if I could win.. Um nothing. Anyways most of my favorite blogs are listed on my sidebar.. Actually to tell you the truth I just havent had time to find more favs by the time I check craigslist, pinterest, email and blogs I just dont have time to do much searching. Oh the fun I could have...
Anyways here is the link to where I entered the other day. Love her blog.
I won two charms and a necklace from here: I will share of course when they come in! I am blessed! Blessings this evening Pam

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