Monday, December 5, 2011

It Came!

I was so giddy Sat afternoon when I came home and found this at my porch! It sits in my bedroom on my dresser now.. Again I cant believe I won... Thanks so much to!
What a crazy busy weekend.. It just flew by.. Started with Friday evening stopping in to see Mindy at Not to Shabby! She is so easy to talk to and always has a smile on her face.. I am hoping to help her start her blog very soon... Off to Linn County Christmas Fair, dinner home and made laundry soap. Saturday to Storybook Land with Londyn. Pictures to come in the next few days, lunch, and then home. Squeezed in stop to see Brittany at her craft sale.. Then Trish and Melissa stopped by to pick up an order. It was so good to see them. They had never met Londyn and she was a little show off for them. Thanks guys for your patience..Cant wait to share grandchildren stories with Trish real soon. Had hoped my friend Katie would make it over but we just didnt get it together. She was going to give me lessons on pinterest. I am figuring it out by just playing around. Do I really need to have one more addiction on this computer. Um Yes! I was excited today to get a personal email from Beth at Thanks for remembering me! Looking forward to receiving some flash cards from her. As you can see by the time on this post it is after midnight and I am off to bed. Worked tonight and came home to make more laundry soap... Had a great morning visit with my parents and a good night at work.
Added this window pane to shelf in bedroom. The pane itself is broken no glass so put framed pics
behind it. I like how it looks.. All for now. Sorry I was so chatty!
p.s. Katie an old work friend it was so good to see you tonight. She said she looks at my blog daily.
I look forward to hearing from you soon..Blessings this evening or should I say early morning. Pam

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