Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Porch in Progress!

 Just a simple green wreath!
 I love my twigs from my parents willow tree. I used them for fall and just couldnt get myself to throw them out. So thought I could use them seasonal.. Maybe Feb I could use them for Valentine's Day and Easter and so on..

 It has really been cold here. I really like the foggy nights and foggy mornings..
This little jar came from Brittany and today I had a nice surprise from Heidi! These little candy sticks.
I love them.. She brought them to us at work with a nice Christmas Coffee cup (already in use).
And two little pins to wear on your clothes. Cant wait to wear one tomorrow. Thanks my friend. Loved it.
Londyn is going to spend the day with Brittany tomorrow and go on a play date at Heidi's.. Hope you all have fun. I am having great testimonials on my homemade laundry soap. I have been making it almost nightly for gifts.. Actually used it for the first time myself today. I used it a couple months back when Brittany gave me some but since I have made it I hadn't tried it but gave it all away. I bought some beautiful shabby chic sheets at Target with the 40.00 I won from there. So excited to  see how they look.
Now I am off to finish a couple of projects. I am so happy tomorrow is Friday. I know you probably  think I say this alot but I am truly blessed for each day and the family and friends I have. Blessings Pam

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