Saturday, February 8, 2014


 Here in the Pacific Northwest we are having some severe winter weather with possible power outages I am told. I do not remember a time we had this much snow. My beautiful granddaughter Londyn playing in it above.

 I was called off of work on Thursday due to the weather but had to go in yesterday. I was pouting a little as I don't like driving in it. It sure is pretty though. I had to come home and get the snow off my car as it was covered and with the freezing rain coming I didn't want it to weigh it down. Hearing of roofs caving in etc.

 So Thursday I stayed in and crafted. So much fun and brings me such joy!
 I rearranged a little and got myself ready to be in for a few days. My little reading corner!

So bring it on! I am ready! Hope your all staying warm where ever you are. Be safe! Blessings Pam


  1. It looks so cold! Love the photos of the grandchild and your reading corner!

  2. I adore your granddaughter's winter coat, it's so cute! She's so cute! It does look cold, stay warm!!

  3. Londyn looks adorable! We're getting hit with a ton of snow this weekend! (I hate driving in it, too!)

  4. It looks like you had my favorite way to spend a snow day stuck inside, Pam! I stopped working when we moved from NY to Ohio, but I remember the anxiety I would get if our office was open. And I only worked 10 minutes away by car! Unfortunately, there were lots of hills and when my anxiety about driving in it got bad I had to use a vacation or sick day and stay home.

  5. The snow is all my fault. You see, my Auntie M lives in Portland and she was telling me how much she misses the snow that we have here in Chicago. So I arranged for you guys to get some of ours! ;)

  6. It is so cozy to be able to stay inside when it's snowing! Fun photos, Pam.
    Mary Alice


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