Sunday, February 16, 2014


 These last few days I have felt so Grateful! Not just because of my wins as of late, but because of so many things. I have such wonderful family and friends that love me and continue to show me each day in their own little ways. God continues to listen to me and bless me!
 This girl above continues to teach me so much. Compassion and love are two that come to mind. She makes me smile and melts my heart. Being her Gammy really is the highlight of each day!
 I entered a giveaway through! I love their site. They are always sponsoring giveaways. I have very seldom entered because their is always thousands that do. On this day I did and after 2290 entries I was chosen. So there you go! Asked how I win I joke and say I have no life and my kids are raised, I spend hours a day on the computer. This week it paid off! Jewelry was sponsored by!
My next win was on the blog! It was a Alphabet Letter Sterling Silver Necklace GIVEAWAY! Sponsored by! I love it and am so ever blessed and Grateful. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Blessings Pam


  1. congrats on the wins, you lucky girl!

  2. I rarely enter giveaways but I have and have won too! I tend to enter and forget about them so a win is a real surprise! Congrats on your win! It's the little things everyday that life so good!


We do not remember days we remember moments!