Sunday, February 2, 2014

Random Feel Good Things!

 Back in December I won a $50.00 gift certificate to! I chose these dishes above. I love them and I think for Valentine's Day it will be fun to decorate with them. What started me out liking them was I have two coffee cups that were my moms.. Was so excited when they showed up earlier in the week.
 I have been spoiled as of late and I love it. Cup above was a just because gift from my sister along with some paris type tissue paper to wrap all my goodies in that I have been mailing out as of late.
 Earlier in the week I was out two days with a nasty virus. My sister called me as we work together and said a customer dropped something off to me and she would leave it on porch for me to cheer me up. This aqua bird cage was to my surprise the gift. I was thrilled to say the least.
 I love my burlap message board and have been feeling it up as of late. It is a feel good thing.
 This little cabinet was painted with crisp collar! I received a qt through chalk country paint of facebook through a win. I was excited last week when they pictured the before and after on their site.
 My sister in law dropped this roll of paper off on my porch knowing that I have been looking for one for sometime. I put it in this little cabinet last night to support our Portland Trailblazers basket ball team.
 Pictured above is just random things in my home that make me feel good and remind me to be true to me!
 I have really enjoy making my banners for gifts and really enjoy when people send me pictures of where they put them. Pictured above is Brandy from The Rusted Coop! She sent me her picture. I won a burlap runner off of her site on facebook and am waiting its arrival. She has been hit with the long winter snow and ice. weather which has made it difficult to get out.. (It says Shabby Chic)!
 My sister in law/friend Starla put her Vintage banner on her fireplace.
 My sister Penny put her believe banner in her shabby room!
Be Mine banner went in a gift packaged for a Pay it forward 2014 thing I participated in on facebook. I am sure enjoying sending those gifts out. Whoever your team is in the Super Bowl I hope you enjoy the game today. Blessings Pam


  1. Pam, we all need to feel special, and I'm so happy for you and all the acts of kindness you received recently. Your pretty dishes were a wonderful choice with the gift certificate you won.
    Thank you so much for visiting and for your lovely comments,
    Mary Alice

  2. That bird cage is awesome. Can it hold real birds? We have been thinking of getting some of those aqua birds at the pet store...I do not remember what kind they are! But I would have to find a cute cage like yours. Your banners and all your goodies are beautiful. xxo

  3. so much to love--the dishes are so perfect for vday, and the i love the birdcage! i got a crown like yours for xmas--so cute!


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