Sunday, June 28, 2009

All by Myself

I managed to get into trouble all by myself!!!!

Yesterday my garage sale buddies (Penny and Starla) had other

plans and couldn't make it. So yes I went by myself. Kate I wanted

to call you but knew you had been sick. Anyways the early bird gets

the worm you might say. Up at 5:45 or so. Out the door by 7:15.

Spent very little money. The bird house was the best find for $2.00

I found the rocker and the next sale the pillow to go with it. $5.00 for the

rocker. Not pictured a jogging stroller for Londyn. You know how much

jogging I do. NOT! It will be good for hiking on trails. Anyways had a great

time on my own.

Then went to my sisters house for a sleepover. I will save that for another

post. Very good weekend. Good company. Off to spend time with Shugs.

Grandma and her are alone and watching some good nursery rhymes...

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