Saturday, June 13, 2009

This and That

She is starting to really enjoy her walker.

Hard to see the paper butterfly on the flower. But it is so cute.

I really had fun with this layout. It was from last year on the
4th of July. I thought it was fun doing other colors then
I am hoping to stay home this weekend and clean my garage.
I really need some down time as I have had insomnia lately.
Four hrs sleep last night and five the night before. Also hoping
to have time with Londyn today. Hardly saw her yesterday.
We had dinner with the family last night and then bowling.
I hadnt bowled in like 20yrs or so. It was alot of fun. Needless
to say it was a late night and lots of fun. So garage sales were
out of the question for Starla and Penny and I. Hope everyone
enjoys their weekend.

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