Thursday, June 18, 2009

A scrapbookers delight

Ignore the fact that I didnt turn this one around.
Anyways These sheets above are Authentic Paper
Dolls. My mom gave me like 20 sheets with like 4or5
on each sheet one year. She said I think you could use
these with your scrapbooking. Oh how glad I am I saved
them. Think how many uses I will get out of them. I cant
wait to use them.

A senior customer brought all these old vintage looking cards
in for me. I love them cant wait to use these either. I am going
to ask my mom for her old cards someday. Have a great day.
On a side note yesterday was my sisters 60th birthday. I cant believe
we didn't have a big birthday bash for her. We will just have to make up
for it one of those condo trips. Anyways Happy Birthday Sister Teresa!!!

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