Thursday, June 4, 2009

More 3mo pics to share

Is she not just beautiful? She was just in a diaper and bonnet.
So today I was headed to Philomath to work for Trisha at
Things were fine until I heard the storm was coming. Doug
called me and said severe thunder and lightning and also
my sister in law called and said tornado warning. Okay so then
the sky went black and it starting downpouring. I could'nt see
in front of me. I am a baby bigtime. I called Trisha and she said
head for home. I was praying for God to get me home safe.
I am not kidding there was cars pulled over until the rain and hail
stopped and an accident on Hwy 34. By the time I got home I was
never so glad to be here. I took Londyn and for some reason started
crying. I am so blessed for her and cant imagine what I did w/0 her.
Anyways now the storm has let up and here I sit. Back to Philomath
on Sunday. Here is a thought for anyone wanting to subscribe to
Cocoa Daisy kits. Since I go there for mine if you are local and want to
purchase their kit I could pick it up for you and save on shipping.
Today Londyn held her bottle by herself and ate. Pictures later to come.


  1. Ok, every picture gets cuter, I LOVE the bonnet and that little cutie...She looks like the Gerber baby with a bonnet...and those beautiful blue eyes...Glad you made it home safe.....

  2. Londyn is a beautiful baby girl. She really looks like her Mommy! I can't believe how quickly she is growing.


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