Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Brother

Happy Birthday Brother Jim

What can I say about my brother. Well he would give you the
shirt off his back. He does anything you ask him to do. When
someone needs a ride, or jump to their car, or something fixed
we know we can call him. Now if I am right he is 17yrs or 18yrs
older than we are. I wont give his age away. I remember when
we were in middle school we had these three girls going to beat
Penny and I up after school, I have no idea what we did but I
remember being scared to get off the bus. When we got to our
stop our brother was waiting. love ya Jim.
Hope you had a great day.
Today is my brother in law Harry's birthday. I believe I heard
65 today. I looked for a pic and I know I have one but do you
think I could find it? Nope so just wanted to mention I didnt forget
you. I couldnt ask for a better brother in law.
Hope your day was good as well.

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  1. Nice picture....we had Jim, Linda, Jacob, and Terry Joe up to our house on Jim's birthday. It was a nice visit. Truman and Tommy (0ur dogs) really took to Jim. I figure dogs know the heart of a man....

    Big brothers are great....I miss by biggest brother, but I see him pictured behind you guys. Both Ellis and Terry Joe use to protect me too.

    Love you Pam!


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