Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Getaway

This is right out of the pool so mind you we are not all done up.
My mom and sister Pat. She took us to a great
little sandwich shop for dinner.

This is a fountain my dad makes at his buisness called Owl

This is Pat's indoor pool. It goes shallow to deep. Which I
stayed in shallow of course. She also has a hot tub and shower
in the pool area.
Love the circular driveway. It is so very peaceful and silent
out in the country.

I love my momma! She is the best mom in the whole world.
We had our own room. We watched t.v. and crashed pretty hard.

My niece Mary who I adore and am so very thankful we had
sometime together.

Another product of my dads. This property was bought years
ago with the idea that when they retired they would someday
build and sure enough they are living their dream. Worked hard
for it and are so deserving. We all kinda feel like it is ours as well.
They are always sharing with us. We watched it be built. They have
a historic home in downtown Albany for sale. We grew up there and
hope it sells for them very soon. Thanks again for the wonderful
weekend getaway.

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