Sunday, August 2, 2009

Camping last weekend

We love this spot. Beautiful.

This girl saved the day with doing french braids. Kaitlin
is here visiting from Colorado.

Had to go hunting for wood. Not sure if we used this or not.

Umn just chillin!

What a feast for camping. We ate plenty of good food.

Scruffs had so much time and was off leash most of the time.
Between all of us we had five dogs.

This was hard on grandma to see how dirty Londyn got.
She had a great time though and only got one mosquito

Tatyem is in early training for babysitting Londyn

What would we do without playpens.

Hello did someone say smile.

What fun sitting by the fire roasting smores. Sure alot of fun.
Not much getting ready or coming home though. Lots of work
to prepare and put away. I have found that it waits for me....


  1. yay...glad you went...where did you go by the way? really miss ya...thanks for the email..

  2. How do you manage to look so beautiful while camping?? Looks like a fun trip!


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