Thursday, August 13, 2009

Londyn's 6 month photo shoot

I will save some more for another day. Just had
to share these few with you. We will be printing
some on Sunday and hopefull will remember to
hand them out. I love getting her pics done and
having the tradition of sneaking in a picture or
two myself. Oh and I must share some good news
that Jenny(Classy Capture) is getting her own Studio
downtown next to Today's Salon. She got the keys yesterday.
She will be having a grand opening in Sept sometime.
Conrats to you. I cant wait to see what you do with
the place.
I have been extremely busy these days
with not to much time to spend on the computer.
I so miss my blogging and connecting with my email
I made it over to Cocoa Daisy in Philomath for
an afternoon of fun. I so miss seeing them on a regular
basis and getting my scrap kits. It was so good to see
Tricia, Trish, and Melissa.
As most of you know my parents have been
having some health issues and I have tried to keep my
time open for them as well. Dad seems to be doing good
and mom was feeling a little better today.
Jordan is very busy with her work and
we are busy watching Londyn so she can get her deadlines
accomplished. So that is all for now. Take care and will post
again soon.


  1. I love her so much... So cute...........Aunt Penny

  2. so adorable....of you AND the baby....where is momma?! hope to see you before the summer is over


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