Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Web surfing

Kate I saw these two on Karen's blog like you mentioned.
Loved her scrap room. Now I am going to be watching for
a drawer to do this with. It is on rollers and can be stored
underneath something. It would be great for 12x12 paper.

Also loved this idea. Anyone have ideas on how you would
attach these to a wall?

This is a great storage idea. You could store just about anything
in them. I really think I am going to try this. I so love to dream
about having the perfect house with everything so clean and
stored and labeled just right!!!!!!!!!! Have a great evening.
This is a motto I found tonight:
If you cant change your fate, change your attitude. I will keep it in

1 comment:

  1. loving it....lets go thrifting as soon as i get all these kids in school....!

    love the mantra at the bottom...i need it


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