Saturday, August 29, 2009

This and That

Oh guess I should of cropped and fixed these pictures. It
has been a long day today. Woke up at 4:00am and stayed
up. We had a family garage sale today at my sister in laws.
We had a lot of fun. Seemed like we did alot of swapping.
But the most important part is I got rid of things that were
taking up space in my garage. Now tomorrow I can clean
and organize the way I want too!

This is what I woke up to yesterday. It was so neat to see and
hear them right outside my window. I wish I would of had my
camera ready this morning. There was some really cool ones.
I spent Thursday over just for a couple hours helping my friend
Kate paint her new home. They just bought their first place.
It is very cute and I cant wait to see what she does with the place.
Tomorrow I will spend the afternoon with my mom. I cant wait
to have some one on one time with her. Off to bed. Enjoy your

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