Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Being Patient!

Several weeks ago while at Target I saw this shower curtain I liked but being $25.00 I thought mine worked just fine. I mean that is not alot of money but when it is something you don't need it is hard to justify. And than I stopped at Goodwill and found the same one for $6.99 with the target price tag still on it.. So it was brand new..
 It was torn at the bottom so I dropped it off at the drycleaners to be sewn as I don't sew at all. That was $6.00 so it cost be $13.00 which was better than $25.00

 Added this metal ladder that goes to my daybed I dress up in the spring on the porch..

 Pillow cases were a Christmas gift from a customer. Oh how I love them!
Put the love banner on the wreath on the front door.. Kinda cute!
My nephew Jacob went home today! So happy about that! Continuing to pray for healing for him..
Saw my mom today and she is very confused and it is so hard!!!! I miss her but just continue to go and tell her how much I love her! Saw dad Sunday and couldnt get him to wake up but kissed him and told him I love him as well.. Trying to except what I cannot change and be patient with the change.. Blessings Pam
p.s.  How nice it was today to see Heidi and her family at Izzy's.. They make me so happy!!!!


  1. Score! Man I love a good deal! Your new shower curtain is very pretty!

  2. Your patience sure paid off! It is so hard watching out parents age. This can be a difficult stage in life in many ways.
    Mary Alice


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