Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thank You!

At the beginning of December I entered a giveaway at for a $50.00 giveaway to:! I was delighted to have won! I picked this
They are pillow covers. They came the other day.. I love them! It was neat to find out that LaRae Boutique is in Salem which is only like 20 to 25 mins away. Thanks so much for sending them out so quickly.

Now I just need to find pillows to fit them. I was told Jo-Anns is the place to go for them. So a shopping trip in my near future. In the mood to move things around. I have started... It is soooo cold right now.. Fireplace on and coffee brewing. Off to start my Thursday.. The year has started off right.. Blessings Pam

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  1. Love your little pillows. Look for a 50% off coupon for Joanne's.


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