Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ive Got the Craft Bug!

 It started with a trip to Home Depot last week. I bought a 6x9 canvas drop cloth. Washed it twice and dried it. Since I dont sew I took it to the local drycleaners and paid $15.00 for them to cut it in half and hem it. So I paid $11.00 for the drop cloth, $15.00 for the drycleaner, (if you sew it would save alot of money)!
Bought brushes and Martha Stewart red satin acrylic paint and the local JoAnn's store. Oh and the yard stick was .69 cents.
 I made a table cloth for the table.Red stripes on both sides. The 6x9 size cut in half gives you two table cloths. So still have one to do! Saw the how to over at: the Dec 19th post!
You can make drop cloth liners for your locker baskets as well. These were made from my good friend Brittany a while back. Hope your enjoying your weekend. Blessings Pam


  1. Great and easy project! :-) I like the idea of making liners for baskets!


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