Saturday, January 5, 2013

I Play!

 Spending a day in my pajama's! Dont ever take time to do it! But today I decided to stay in my pajama's and play around the house! Have scentsy burning, fire going, Christmas lights off porch and Christmas put away.. Took the Christmas setting off the table..
 Changed things up a bit!
 Found pillows in my closet for my new gift that I won. Mrs and Mr. Guess which side is mine?
As soon as I can I am going to replace this rug on the front porch.. I am sure I will get flack from the fam as soon as they try to come in with a duffle bag or bags of any sort as this is in the walk way! Oh I can hear it now! Enjoy the rest of the day! Off to sort the make-up drawers in the bathroom.. Blessings Pam


  1. How fun to spend time playing with decor around the house in your jammies. Now that is my kind of day! Love the vignette in your last photo!

  2. Tomorrow the forecast is for rain so I have several projects planned and I will be wearing my flannel pjs.

    Happy Playing!

  3. I love pj days! So glad you got to have one and that you got to play.

    Love those pillows on your bed. Such fun.

  4. Aren't pj's suppose to be worn everyday? I LIVE in mine ; ). I LOVE the vignettes you made and your bed looks SO inviting.
    Hugs ~

  5. It's always fun to take a lazy day and "play" around the house. Like the changes and tweaking you've done!
    Mary Alice


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