Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Who Says:

They don't have room! I can always make room for something I like..
 This old wall cabinet came out of an old house I assume! Its real heavy and too much so to hang on a wall so it sat on the floor for the longest time. For $15.00 I just couldn't pass it up at the local shabby store way back when..
 So it takes a little challenge to get the light switch on. Big deal!
You should head over to to find out how to win the new collection. Its way simple just leave a comment.. Have a great Wednesday! Blessings Pam


  1. That is a wonderful find, miss the old built ins that vintage houses had, love the chippiness of it so glad you found space it is a beautiful piece!!!!

  2. Thank you sweet friend for taking time to visit and leaving a comment that adds joy to my day.
    Now as for the cabinet shelf what a deal and I wish it were my deal. I would hang it on a wall driving the longest steal screws right through the piece to the studs in the wall, never to take it down again.
    What a piece to love.

    See you and all it inspires you to do with it soon.

  3. Pam, that piece is amazing!! I'm lovin' it!


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