Saturday, July 23, 2011

Frequently asked question

So on a daily basis I get asked how the Wal-Mart is coming. Most of you know that this would not be
my first choice for a neighbor, however since I dont have a choice we are dealing with the noise and
the dust. This is what I see when I open my blinds.

They got their permit to work late. Should as far as I know work until 11:00pm and then
back at it at 6:00am. I heard rumors they will be open by October in time for the holidays.
I wanted to say how excited I was to win the pillow cases from Stuck on Gray(Brittany's Blog).
She did use the true number generator so there was to be no favorites. I am so excited! I am
always entering drawings and have only won once. It was some scrapbook ribbon from But do check out Brittany's blog and the slip
covers I have to chose from. Thanks again Brittany~cant wait to see them.
Now we are off to bed soon I hope. We leave tomorrow for a short camping trip which I must
tell you we have packed for a month. We cant possibly need all this stuff. Better to be safe than
sorry. Jordan wont be able to make it due to work and we will really miss her. This is our once a
year family camp-out and I just hate the fact that her and Lacey cant come. We will have Londyn
who is so excited to be going. She is going to pick lots of flowers and find lots of waterfalls she
says. So with that said I hope to share some beautiful pictures with you when I get home. Enjoy
the rest of your weekend.

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