Saturday, July 9, 2011


My new Farmhouse table. While everything is not in its place

it is where I want it now. Thank goodness for Penny. She showed

up at the right time. I was having a meltdown. I had 1000 little

brads that had fallen on the floor and a 1000 12x12 papers that had

fallen as well. (No Lie). I was ready to give up and she came and

we got it done. Believe me when I say I have a vision and a place for

everything. I know what I want and what to do with it I just sometimes

get so overwelmed and exhausted. I worked through the 4th of July and

after a 6 day stretch I am ready for my weekend. We wanted to go

to some garage sales tomorrow but decided that we needed to take time

to rest and have our morning coffee and just breathe. I do hope to get my

hair done and take time for me!!

I took the spray paint to these baskets. I have had them for years.

They were plain wicker and I love the white.. I am into spray paint

right now.

I love my pretties on my dresser.

My shabby luggage rack.

Remember when I said the other day on my blog I made

a shelf well this is it. Not really a shelf but a knob shelf. I made

one for Penny for her birthday which I hated parting with it. So

finally got to making me one. I will share my next project soon!

Old School lockers. I love them! Did I mention I love them..

Enjoy your weekend.
Again Penny I love you and thank God each and everyday for you!


  1. ~Silly how I just love my sister! She is my very best friend:) I would never ever want to lose her ever.... I finally feel blessed that I could help you,and be a blessing as you are to me! Lets enjoy our weekend as we said we would... Breathe as we say,and smile as we are blessed with so many in our lives that mean so much.... Love you Pammy~

  2. Awwwwww... I love this. I love that you both love each other so deeply and completely. Miss you both... Wendy


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