Monday, July 11, 2011

Taking A Chill Pill~

Sometimes we decide it is time for a chill pill as we call it.

When we get bored or to much excitement we decide it is

time. Londyn now will tell me Lets take a chill pill. This little

girl is so smart. She will be 2 1/2 July 30th already. She knows

most of her colors, is potty trained, speaks a little spanish, prays

in hebrew and has the biggest heart. One day Penny came in a

pinch and had her for an hour. They were sitting on the front porch

where Londyn scooted over to her and said "I love you Aunt Penny"!

Which melted her heart. Today as I was outside prepping my lockers

she asked if she could decorate. I love that she says Uncle and Aunt

to all of them. Like Uncle Tony, Auntie Lacey well you get the idea.

Last night she stayed the night and even though she sleeps with pull-

ups woke me up to go potty. She rarely ever has an accident. She is

still a picky eater with a very small stomach. She also has a weak stomach

when it comes to things. She will come get me when there is poop in the

cat box everytime and ask me to clean it. She also very seldom will allow

dog doo doo in the back yard. She will always get a shovel and clean it up.

She has a fettish for shoes. Tonight as we prepare for the forecast of rain

she started singing rain rain go away.. Most of the time she expects a

surprise when Gammy gets home. Well mostly this post was for me to journal

info about her. Oh and she loves to pick flowers for anyone. She picked some

yesterday for Grandma Great to make her feel better. I told her one day she

was my saving Grace and she said I am your banana head. I love her with

all my heart.. I am blessed to be her Gammy!

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  1. Waiting for new post Pam.. Maybe pics of your new treasures......


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