Thursday, July 14, 2011

It Finally Came!

I have wanted this book for sometime now! Finally a couple weeks ago decided to order it!
I waited anxiously for its arrival. Once I got it I wanted to wait to open it for a quiet time just
me and my book. Realizing that never  comes I opened it last night. I savored every page.
I had a discussion with a customer yesterday about her Coach purse. I told her about mine. Penny
has several and decided for my birthday back in Feb she would get me one. I loved it and stuck
it in the closet for a special day. Finally Doug pointed out how rude it is to put something away
when someone takes so much time and effort into getting it for you. I didnt really think about it
that way. The customer said everyday is a special day. Use that candle or piece of jewelry that you
are saving. How did she know I had both in the closet. So my point is: Enjoy the gifts people get you.
Buy yourself something nice and wear it. Thanks Penny for my purse. Now off to enjoy this!

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