Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Goodwill Find~

So sometimes when Doug has a client over I plead with Londyn to go to Goodwill
with me. It is never hard as we call it the toy store. She lets me wander and she in
return if good gets to rummage through the toys. She hardly ever leaves with one
but just likes to look and touch. Which always leads us to the bathroom for a good
hand cleaning where she plays in the sink. We can be there a very LONG time.
Anyways I came home with this little scale which I was ever so happy with. I even
took it in the bathroom w/o paying for it as I wasn't about to leave it right outside of
the bathroom in the cart. I just knew someone would walk off with it. It was brand new
and I even had to open the screws and put the bowl on. Great find at $4.99

Then Londyn and I came home and painted a sign. Ssh.. Dont tell Aunt Penny as
Londyn said we were making it for her.

The bottom one is the one I made for me. The top one I added the bird. I like how it
turned out. Now Londyn has gone home. She grabbed my leg this morning and said
"Gammy I love you so much" then this evening as we made a stop at Fred Meyers she
told me that she wanted candy cause it was her favorite Vegetable."  Gotta love that girl.
Even the lady at the checkout said Oh I dont want her to leave. Such a nice lady. Enjoy
your evening.

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