Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy 82nd Birthday Dad/ No Limits

My Dad!

There is no limits to what I would do for him or mom for that

matter. Dad came in to see his girls for his birthday. Mom was

sick and has been for days. She stayed home and we sent food home

to her. I miss her. The top picture makes me smile and tear up at the

same time. He so looks like my grandpa Clifton. I miss him. He was

a neat man. But so is my dad! I wonder sometimes leaving home at

14 like I did how he taught me so much but he did. I was always a

daddy's girl in a way. I always looked for approval.. I remember

following him out to his shop just to be with him. We would have

shop stove fires and it was fun to throw anything and everything in them.

Ooops I didnt know Aqua Net cans of hairspray could not go in there.

It wasnt until years later that I found out one of his scars was from where

it popped out and landed on his arm. He is always so proud of his girls.

Especially being twins and coming 19 yrs later than the other four. He

and mom was so proud. He liked to take us and show us off as he would

say. There was no limits to what we could have. We were spoiled to say

the least. Many times the other brothers and sisters said what did you do

with our parents. They worked opposite shifts so they would be with us

and give us everything we needed. We never went without. I like to say I

had a part in the buisness he started 22 yrs ago to supplement his

retirement. We did alot together and it was until I got pregnant that I didnt

help so much... Anyways down memory lane a bit. I love you dad!

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