Sunday, August 14, 2011

Drum Roll Please!

Remember when I started with these:

I must tell you how proud I am of myself. I was so giddy yesterday about it. I borrowed
a belt sander from my dad. Never having used one I figured how hard could it be. I just
got busy and decided that I was going to get these done and I did all by myself!!!

 I love the sanded look. I may do some more but didn't want to go crazy with it.
 Penny and I drove to Corvallis the other day to Winco and to look at a cabinet off of
Craigslist and while we didn't come home with the cabinet we came home with 11
locker baskets that were just given to us. What timing. I like them on top of the lockers.

So not sure where I will put these but they are by the front door for now. Kinda handy
for shoes and purses. Glad these are done and I am sure you are tired of hearing about them.
More to add later. Enjoy your Sunday. Pam


  1. They came out awesome....and you came to WinCo and didn't visit me??????? Miss you

  2. What a great job you did. Love them. Keep sharing your work.


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