Sunday, August 28, 2011

Finally opened my Gift!

I was surprised to see a bag! I was thinking it was a pillow case. So I was happy either way and
for that matter you can use them either way to. I had the bag to the left as a pillow case for awhile.
You can also cut the straps and tie together but who would want to do that. Love it.
Here is a couple of other inspiration bags I like as well. I have been looking for Penny I know she
wants one and would like Brittany to make her one.
Keep in mind if you need anything repainted, redone or looking for that right pillow covering,
chair pad you can look her up on :
Oh and back to the bags that I was going to share:

I love them both.. My problem as I want to hang them and not use them. Silly huh?

Update on my dad: Having a little uneasy feeling and anxiety this evening about it but I know it is the best
for him. He will be sent to a facility/nursing home tomorrow for physical therapy. They said two weeks or
so. I just wish he could go home where he wants to go. Mom cannot care for him and we all dont know what to do for him. So I guess we all will be visiting him alot. He is in good spirits and enjoyed a visit from
both Noah and Jordan and myself today. He is loved by the nurses. He is sure getting softer though the years. He is still having trouble with the left side. Can't feel soft touches but can feel needle like pokes.
Thanks again for the well wishes. Enjoy your evening. Pam

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