Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Taking a Break

I have lots of projects in the works for this weekend. I hope to share pictures when done. I have been going for three weekends now and while I am not whining about that I am just tired.
My list of projects~
1. Finish lockers
2. Spray paint chandlier and pick up linen from Brittany for the chain it will hang from
3. Work on a door I got last week. It is shabby pink on one side and white on the other
it has glass in it and I am going to paint it with chalk on both sides
4. Haul full size vintage bed that was given to me over to store at my moms. I hope
to someday give it to Londyn
5. Do something with the five old lockers baskets. Penny and I were given 11 of them
yesterday. I love them. Great find!!!
6. Catch up around the house which includes laundry mat run
7. Work on my little scrap book
8. Catch up on 24 episodes of All My Children that are taking up space on DVR
9. Hoping to catch up with my friend Kate
10. Relax before the next weekend camping trip to Lapine.

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