Saturday, August 27, 2011

Shop Your House!

So when your bored shop your house. Move things around it is fun.

 This dresser was down in my dining room as a buffet. I really liked it there but was kinda bored and
thought it would look good in my room so away I went like a crazy woman.
 Moved things around like the lights in the corner.
 Love the old basket filled with all my pillows.
 This dresser was in my room and I thought it would look good as a buffet down stairs.
I kinda like how it turned out.

It actually lets more light in during the day.

 These two ironstone bowls are from England going to go great with my white dishes.
 Couldn't find these blue mason jars when I wanted them I got the tall one for .29cents.
The little ones have eagles on them.  Penny and I split the jars.
 Tiny white bowls perfect for mustard or sauces.

 I have wanted one of these coffee filter wreaths for sometime. So Brittany and I traded stuff.
In these hard times trading comes in handy.

 Had to take a picture of the tag that was on the wreath. These are Brittany's new tags. So Cute.
 Another talented pillow cover made by Brittany. I love the flower. I guess we kinda traded for
it too. My dad had a willow tree that had fallen a few months back so Thursday we went over and
climbed a fallen tree to get willow branches. They will look so cute somewhere in my home.
Makes me want to do blue in my home somewhere.
Sometimes I get so proud of myself. Tonight I painted a wicker backet and used modge podge
on a collection sign tied it on with ribbon. It sits by my stairs with stuff waiting to come upstairs.
Picture to come later. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Pam

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