Thursday, August 11, 2011

Well So It Was~

Just a couple of days blogging break. Thought I would share what I have been up to:

Last weekend at the coast. It was a beautiful weekend there. This weekend my sisters are taking
mama over for atleast one night depending on how she feels. I sure hope she gets to go for two!

Some old some new~ I have started collecting white dishes and decided I would start using them.
I need to get a few more bowls. Saucers I found at Winco for .25each. Most others at thrift stores.
I decided not to show you the before pictures of what I had. Kinda Scary!

Here is a shot of me using my new white dishes. I know corny right. He he no punt intended.
I have been trying to stay off of the computer a little this week. I realized how it just sucks
me in. Really it does. I could search blogs all day, look at Craigslist all day. Thank goodness I
dont have a facebook, one could only imagine how much time I would be on then.

I have been working a little once in awhile on this book. It started as " my favorite things"
It started with very small rings, I then went to Staples and bought large ones. I wonder if they
come any bigger. I just keep adding and adding. Tonight I used modge podge on the front and
back. I am loving how it is turning out. Well here it is after 10:00 just got done cleaning shower
and the bathtub and am off to pick up my scraproom. Enjoy your evening and the weekend. Pam

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