Monday, August 15, 2011

Felt thrifty and inspired~

So I was looking back on the list I wanted to catch up on this last weekend. I accomplished so much but still didn't get it all done. I did however grocery shop Friday evening so I could stay home all weekend. Sounds boring I know but I so needed it. I just needed to get up have my coffee and not have to break up
my day by going out of the house. Friday evening Penny and I met at Goodwill I was looking for replacement glasses for my chandlier. Londyn broke three of them before I could get it hung up. She felt
so bad. She kept saying sorry I broke your glass Gammy. I was just glad she didnt get hurt. I have mellowed through the years. Anyhow we had great finds and I loved the lady that rung me up and said she
loved my taste.. Made me feel good. Here is what I ended up with:

 This clear Mason jar is very tall. Hard to see how tall but I love it. Think it will hold buttons or

 I love these plates. I must because I got home and had the fourth one from a previous trip.
 This red thing was on the tool aisle and is missing the tool box but for $2.00 I couldn't
help myself. For one it is red (my favorite color) has been since I was a little girl. Mom
always dressed me in red and Penny in blue. Dont know why I went on that rant but anyways
it is so cute in my scraproom with things in it.

 So my three glasses that got broke were shot glass size and I couldnt help myself when I
walked in~ it was meant to be. These were sitting on the glass counter. I only bought three
but wished I would of bought all eight. They fit perfectly.. Picture to come later.
Had the mason jar already but the old silverware fit perfectly. Love them displayed this way!

Okay this door is not staying in my living room. This is my next project. I have already painted chalk
paint on the white side of the glass. Not sure I hope it looks good. Need to do the pink next. How cute
on a front porch with Welcome Fall on it. I have a rusty black hook I could add to it where you could
hang a wreath or something. It is white on one side and shabby pink on the other. I think I have found
my calling in projects and decorating. How funny is it to be asking for a belt sander for Christmas
or birthday. Wonder what other tools I will want.

This girl continues to bless me each day. She is just amazing. I am so proud of her. Tonight her
mommy called to tell me that she went looking for her around 8:00 and she had went in her toddler
bed and was going to sleep. Jordan said it is still light outside and she said she was tired. Jordan
asked her if she wanted some milk and she said no" It will make my teeth yellow " ! I love her!
Enjoy your evening. Pam

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