Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sometimes I wonder?

Sometimes I wonder what my neighbors  think when I am out at dusk taking pictures.

 Last evening I had a nice surprise from Brittany. She stopped by and brought me one of the
pillow cases I won from her blog. We stood out in the driveway and chatted while Londyn
and Reece chatted in the car. Reece is her adorable little girl. I love to watch the two of them
get excited to see each other. Anyways I told her I was bored with my porch and thought about
rearranging.  So when she left I decided there was no time like the present. Londyn and I got
busy. She loves to help me decorate. We first moved everything off of the porch and swept.
She really gets into it. It was fun to see what she came up with.
 Excuse all the shoes and the lighting. This is the pillow case. So cute. Havent put it in my room yet.
I think it should go on my bed after all I am the queen right? The little table is a loan from Brittany.
We have started loaning things to each other like Penny and I do when we get bored. I love it. I am
going to put it by my bed.

This little candle holder has a place to  hang it up. I am going to spray paint it white as I have done
alot of that lately. I am liking the white lately. Someday I will probably be spray painting everything
black. I cleaned the candles out and ran them through the dishwasher. They cleaned up nice. I might add
an extension chain and add the burlap like I have done. Will take a picture when done. I had a lady tell me
today that blogs are a bragging post. I hope people dont feel that way about mine. I dont do it to brag just
do it because I enjoy blogging. I enjoy being able to look back at how Londyn has grown or how my house
has changed. Having memories of family or trips that I would someday forget as I have a terrible memory.
Someday I hope to turn my blog into a hard copy book as I know the option is there to do so. I have enjoyed being busy these last few weekends. It has done good for my soul. Tomorrow I will be leaving
again and back Sunday. Projects await when I return home. Enjoy your weekend. Pam

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