Monday, May 4, 2009

Back to why I started this

I started this for myself and Jordan so that we would be able to look back at this as a diary.
When I was raising my kids I didn't scrapbook nor think about writing things down so I wouldn't forget. I wish I would have. I didnt even really take pictures. I had one of those camera's that shot out a picture right then and there. Wasn't much but it worked. So these are some of her two week photo's. I cant believe how much she has changed. She is starting to try to roll over now. She just is a few days over 3months already. She loves her fist. She sucks on it over a binkie anyday. Although she will take one once in awhile. She laughs when you say "Doggies go roof roof roof". She thinks that is so funny. She loves her baths and is almost to big for the infant tub. She is going to the doctors in the morning for an ear check. She has been tugging a little bit and just isnt acting 100%! She doesnt like many covers and will kick them off most of the time. Just like her mom. Not like her grandma at all. I love lots of blankets even in the summer. The one picture is my mom of course. She loves her great grandaughter so much. I mean of course she does. Let me just say Thank goodness she didnt get my nose. I think I have my dad's nose. No offense dad. I love my dad. Enjoy the evening and the rain.

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