Friday, May 8, 2009

A little love goes along way

Seriously she can make you smile so quickly. I love her so much. She makes it all worthwhile. Penny drove with me tonight to Philomath to pick up May scrap kits to deliver to Albany subscribers. We took Londyn along and she got to meet Tricia and Wendy. She won them over. She was so happy to be cuddled. Grandma forgot the diaper bag and we compromised with a diaper out of the playroom. I think it had been used several times on the dolls, but we made it home. It has been along time since I had to worry and think about all that stuff. I am so thankful for Penny, she is always there when needed. Have a good weekend. It will be very busy for me. So back on Sunday. Happy Mother's Day to all!!!


  1. I love Londyn,and you.....She is so special to so many...I know for sure we will make sure that we never forget her diaper bag again... Had a great day at Mom,and Dads today... Love ya ~Me~

  2. She has to be one of the cutest little girls ever....just adorable...Hope you have a Happy Mother's Day, Jordan too.


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