Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I love you both

My parents!!! I love the one of dad and I drinking coffee. I sure dont get the time I would like with these two. Life gets so busy and I take for granted that they are always there. It is nice to pull into their driveway and get a hug when I need or want one.
I had a very busy weekend, I got the flowers for the front yard I wanted and they were planted for me. The yard was mowed. Noah took me to dinner last night for Mother's Day.We had Teriyaki and noodles. It was really good. He also bought a movie that I have been wanting to watch so we will watch that shortly. Now we need to tackle the back yard. Penny and I finally got to get our pedicures that Starla bought us way back in Feb for our birthdays. Thanks Starla. Nice treat. Penny and I are hoping to garage sale this weekend. I started another scrap layout. I am stuggling with it. I sat it aside out of frustration and hope to finish it soon. Hope you enjoy your evening.

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  1. Sweet pictures, glad you had a nice Mother's Day.


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