Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I love you Mom!!
These are some of the generation photo's we had done. I love the hand ones. Good idea Jenny!
I want Londyn to take her time growing up but at the same time I cant wait until our next photo shoot. We haven't had a little one in the family for sometime. That is on my side of the family. So mom is really enjoying Londyn.
What can I say about my mom- She is amazing. I sit here and tear up just thinking of her. She has the kindest heart, giving, passionate for people, and just plain nice. I was so very blessed.
Also I wish I had a picture of my mother in law as well. I have several just not on disc. There is a project. She has passed now but she was a wonderful mother in law. I think of her so often and wish she was here to see Londyn. She and my mom were so similar and my mom loved her so much. They were so cute as they would hold hands sometimes at get togethers and so on. I miss her so much. Okay this has turned into more emotional than I thought. Happy Mother's Day Mom!!

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  1. Now I am crying... Happy Mother's Day Pam... I love Mom too so very much... We are truly blessed..........~Penny~


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