Thursday, May 21, 2009

I miss girl time

The top pic is of us last year in Eugene at a special class and
we got to shop at the boutique in the garage. It was alot of fun.
Lisa and I stayed two nights there. Oh and Lisa I still owe you
half for the ticket we got. hehe Actually it was just a parking
ticket but still next time we see each other lunch will be on me.

Seriously I need to get out more. This was my first trip to
Trader Joe's. We had fun.

We spent the afternoon at Saturday Market and had a great

I miss the scrapyard days. Where we all got together and had
girl time and scraptime. I did talk to Kate this morning and we
might hit a couple of sales this weekend. Lisa I hope we will catch
up soon. Anyone interested in the crop in Eugene it is coming up
again in June. Was hoping to go but doesn' t look like it.
Enjoy your evening.

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