Sunday, May 17, 2009

Long Post

Well I was hoping to show pictures of all my wonderful finds yesterday at the garage sales that Penny, Starla and I went to but I didn't think you would be interested in seeing the wardrobe that we got for Londyn. She made out like a bandit. She also got a couple of toys. I was looking for a walker and highchair but didn't find that. We headed out at 7:30am and didn't get done until 5:00. We enjoyed the company and caught up on family life. I also ran into my friend Kate, Catherine, and Shanna. It was nice to see all of them. I did find some musical sheets and poems for my scrapbooking from 1941. That made my day. These are some pics of things in my home that make me happy. The top one is of a candle holder that my friend Susanne gave me. The second one is a antique radio that was my parent in laws.
I will be sharing pics later of our trip today to Silver Creek Falls. It was so nice to getaway. Very crowded but not to hot. I realized I am out of shape though. Those hikes are exhausting and we found out that we need a baby backpack. My advice is to not take a stroller with you. We ended up taking her out and held her most of the way. Which meant we carried the stoller all the way. She was a trooper. I also realized I still have a thing with heights. I get really anxious. Noah reminded me that he is a grown man now and that I dont need to tell him to hold onto the bars. Well off to watch Marley and Me and I hear I am in for a good cry. Enjoy your evening.


  1. It's me Penny here... Well I had a blast too yesterday. Need to that more... Love Londyn's finds too...You will love Marly,and Me..Have a great night.. Love ya

  2. Oh yes I remember hiking Silver Creek Falls when Tory was a baby.....and I carried him the whole time. A baby back pack would have been much easier. I miss those days when Tana, Toby and Tory were little. Thanks for reminding me of days that were so happy.

    I too am blessed to have two beautiful grandchildren that I am now making new memories with :-)

  3. It was good seeing you...I didn't find anything...but I didn't stay out as long as you...that baby is still toooo cute...


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