Thursday, May 28, 2009

Uncle Noah

Londyn loves her uncle Noah. Who doesn't. This is her laying
in front of the tele watching nursery ryhmes. She loves them
Who knew at such a little age they would be t.v. watchers.
Now dont worry we dont leave her there for two long we dont
want her to get addicted. We bought her first rice cereal on Mon
May 25th and gave her some on the 26th. She wasn't really
that impressed. She has been rolling over back and forth now
for several days. She went and visited her great grandpa and
grandma yesterday. They always smile ear to ear when they see
her coming. I need to remember the camera. My dad got a kick
out of her holding his hand. She is getting really noisy lately as well.
She graduated from her cradle to crib however she has yet to sleep
in her crib yet. But it sure is pretty all dressed up in pinks and browns.
So I went to Penny's and
looked at my blog at her house. It sure looks different from someone elses
computer for instance the pics I post from here dont look that big. I can
change them but I think it is nice for some of the older viewers I have. I wont
mention names. I sure am having fun with it. It is getting full of stuff though
isnt it. That is how I roll I go full force into something. I will be taking pics of
my older layouts soon and posting to my slide.
Enjoy the day.


  1. She's so lucky to have such a sweet uncle. I like your birdhouses by the way and that bird bath is cute...One of these days you are going to have to come crop with us...when you put that baby down...

  2. I just love Noah so much.. He is a sweet heart.. Such a big heart.. I tell ya... Since the day he was born.. Always loved you so much......Of course he will be a great uncle.....Londyn is blessed to have him as a uncle.. love ya


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