Wednesday, April 29, 2009

From one grandmother to another

I have been meaning to share these pics with Doug's sister Sandy for sometime. She is the grandma to these two amazing kids. Tate and Tobin. This was last July 4Th at Sandy's home.
Tobin has such a fun personality. Always smiling. I caught him by himself and I couldn't resist these shots.
I just got a view of the pictures we had taken Sunday. Oh my goodness. I cant wait to share with you all. It isn't hard to catch a great shot of Londyn she is so good in front of the camera.
I had a wonderful steak dinner with my parents. I love them so much. I started to do the dishes and my mom said "We are not going to worry about the dishes we are just going to visit" She was so excited for the company.
Good night to all


  1. I love this little man. Shy always,but always has a cute smile.. He gets you with that every time...~Me~ A.K.A. Aunt Penny

  2. Love Aunt Sandy too... Taytem I love you lots.. I see you,and you always make my day better.....~Me~ Aunt Penny

  3. Good Job Pam! Love your pictures of family... Love ya....~Me~ Your sister Penny

  4. Thanks Penny for all your comments. love ya too.

  5. OK, so it has been a while since I checked your blog Pam. Thanks for posting these precious pictures of Taytem and Tobin. You know I love them so much! Hey and my yard looks so good. I wish the weather would warm up so we could enjoy being outside again. Oh and yes I do plan on having another "Parrot Head Party" this summer.....just haven't set the date quite yet. You do such a nice job with this blog. I love you lots! Sandy


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