Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pasta Londyn Anyone?

Okay so she wasnt very thrilled. I just love snapping photo's of her all day long. We took her to Costco tonight and so many people came up to admire her. Jordan wasn't with us so of course everyone thinks she is mine. People that reconize me look at me like I didn't know you were pregnant? And then of course when they find out she is my grandaughter they say NO your to young to be a grandmother and I respond with my giddy smile" I know"!! Enjoying this blog, I am sure it will get old but right now it is fun to keep putting pics out there.. Right now Costco has 4x6 photo developing for .09cents. Good deal. Guess where I will be this weekend.


  1. Too funny...she looks adorable!

  2. serious cuteness you are going on there.... my next baby is in for some serious photo shoots now that we are in the digital world!


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